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Open Letter from Parent, Miriam Villanueva

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Open Letter from Parent, Miriam Villanueva

I wish I could fully tell you how amazing Shop with a Cop is, but words will never be able to fully describe how Shop with the Cop has truly blessed me and my family. Our journey began with me translating for a family in need back in 2014. I thought I was simply helping a family in need, but little did I know that I would be walking into my own family’s blessing. I say this because Shop with a Cop has come to our rescue several times. Since meeting Alicia and Darrell back in 2014, they have blessed my kids and siblings through difficult financial situations. Most recently on April 20th, 2018 my daughter Destinee, now 11 years old was diagnosed with a stage 3 malignant germ cell tumor, which is just a long way to say Cancer. My family and I were devastated.

At the time my husband and I were supporting a family of 7 because my mother had recently gone through a divorce and was left with my two younger siblings to care for. We had no savings and were constantly worried about the bills, we were not in a position to deal with much else, let alone to receive the devastating news that our daughter was sick. After Alicia heard about Destinee, she and Darrell, without hesitating, came knocking at our door with a plan in hand. She opened up a GoFundMe account and helped me manage it so I could focus on my daughter’s chemotherapy treatment.

Because of Alicia’s and Darrell’s amazing heart, my family was connected with so many community members and organizations that made so many incredible donations, that I do not know where my family would be today if it were not for these amazing people. Through Shop with a Cop, my family received gifts, letter, were able to pay hospital bills, but most importantly, we were given Love. The Love, Support, and Prayers that we received through Shop With a Cop helped my family get through such a heart-breaking time and gave my family the ability to heal. Shop With a Cop is not, just a program, and Alicia and Darrell are not just friends but rather they are family.

This is what Shop With a Cop gives you. They give you a shoulder to lean on when you need to, they give you a family member for life. My world was turned upside down when my daughter got sick but with the help of Alicia, Darrell, and Shop With a Cop, my family was able to heal, regain its strength and smile again, and for that, I will always be thankful.

Love & respect, Miriam Villanueva  (Parent)


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